Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Get me a cane, I'm almost 24.

Still no sweater-finished-project to speak of. Now that I'm sort of past the "deadline", I'd rather not rush myself and stop enjoying making something. Also, I have (at this point) plenty of yarn left, so I smell a cabled beanie for myself as an added bonus.

Today, I had to work at the Kennedy center. Today, I realized something very strange about myself.

I am older than college-girls. I cannot relate to "the co-eds".

WEIRD. I was chatting on the metro home with some nice enough (remember, these are GW students, here) girls about some things and it occurred to me that I am just old.

here is a small list of the reasons why:

1.) I don't need to run to the kitchen bathroom to chug 4 glasses of VERY cheap champagne while working a RETIREMENT PARTY.

2.) ha ha ha. I can buy said cheap champagne myself. And I will, for Oscar viewing. On Sunday.

3.) I don't use the phrase "alright now, hurry it up buddy" re: boys + alcohol= your pathetic love life.

4.) who talks about that to other people in tuxedos whose names you cannot and will not remember.

you are going in said tuxedo to meet friends at Cafe Japone with only $7 for some beer and karaoke cuz they didn't get carded, and your bf4evah is bringing you different shoes so at least you can appear put together from the ankles down.

5.) I would never thump my chest with my fist like I was paying respect to a fallen brother while telling a group that I would walk at graduation with some "tassels, baaaayyyybeeeeeeeeee!" cuz you "double majored and had an econ minor, and shit" because, really-- that doesn't garner respect, but pity.

6.) 2 out of 7 had nose rings.

7.) they were talking about their TA who couldn't speak English. I cannot remember the name of my TA who could not speak English. All I remembered was that he was mercilessly laughed at for pronouncing "taco" like "take-oh".

8.) They oohed and aahed when I exited the train at the Adams Morgan stop. I'll prolly see them barfing up their jumbo slice on my front steps this spring. I will wave politely and say to a companion out of the corner of my mouth "I think I know this lady with the vom."

9.) they all giggled about something POINTEDLY when I got off the train, indicating that I was a tired old lady who didn't know how to shoot the school shit anymore, because really, ha ha ha. You still have homework. and ha ha ha. You are paying out your father's ass for the luxury of not doing it.

10.) I realized, as I almost tripped out of the train, that for once, I was not jealous of their position in life. If I DON'T KNOW where my life is going, they are only just beginning. ha ha ha 20-year-old-gw-students. It's all a jagged line from here.

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