Monday, February 27, 2006

Bronze medal, mayhaps

It was a hard knitting week. One night that I didn't work on sweater, I REALLY should have. this put me behind, though I did a SERIOUS amount of work over the weekend (re-knit bum sleeve, knit another sleeve, and sewed all the seams).

so, a buck short and a day late. I will finish tonight, knitting the cowl and blocking.

I don't consider it failure, because this really was my personal best. I knit my little heart out, and I learned SO MUCH while doing it, that I can't really regret not finishing in plenty of time.

Pictures and more detail to follow, but I felt the need to be HONEST and put it out there that I didn't EXACTLY finish down to the last detail, but am so close and did so much that I am just as proud of myself as if I HAD.

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Myst Gay Cowboy said...

Yee haw Yip Howdy! Congrats on your almost doneness! The sheeps and I are so proud of you.