Monday, March 06, 2006

Laundry list of things I want to knit!


my own guilt and its capacity escapes me for once.
For once, working on ONE project was just too much for me. I'm dying to knit a pair of old-lady mary jane slippers and a cabled hat. but i can't knit them until i see how much yarn i have to use for the sweater. I just want a break from plain old knitting. there was so little increasing/decreasing (and hellooo no ribbing) that thinking of reading a pattern that says "work for 10 1/2 inches in garter stitch" makes me want to vom. on the sweater. and then give it to an alley cat. to poop on.

While i am just in laundry-ville here, i am going to go to the gym and then afterwords figure out how to pick up 12 more stitches and knit the damn cowl aready. Enough is enough. Stop the insanity. Knit the damn cowl!

After this, in no particular order, are things i'd like to knit next:

1.) cabled hat (i can cable, but i need to practice it on something that's not just a swatch)

2.) mary jane slippers

3.) a cute little shrug for the spring time!

4.) a carry all, any where bag

5.) a friend

Further down on the list include mittens, leg warmers, another sweater (ugh no garter stitch this time) and assorted other things.

maybe even a womb?

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MGC said...

ohmygod! Please knit the womb. I wonder if it can be translated to crochet so my hotty friend Elisa can crotch it?

PS I miss you tons. Thanks for voting for me in the Oscar pool.
Mysterious Gay Cowboy