Saturday, November 24, 2007

Vignettes on a week in my parent's house:

-I return home at 2:45 am after watching a movie with friends.  My father and brothers are away on a man road trip for the night.  My mom has been waiting up for me since she's alone, and she's a mom.  She had to look at me through tired eyelids with a tired eyeball as living proof of my late arrival. This is why curfews exist.  So when you are too old for one, you know when to be sorry for being late.  I apologize for worrying her.  She goes back to dozing on the couch. An hour later, and she's still there, perhaps waiting for me to complete the journey and march upstairs. 

- My brother Neal and I are sitting on the couch.  We take turns pointing at each other and saying things that our oddly reserved, yet gloriously wacky father might say to make us laugh (or make my mother roll her eyes) during the commercial breaks of a "Scrubs" marathon.  With an affected voice only my father can really do, we say the things that make us giggle until we can't come up with any more. I win with the version of my father presenting you a plate of bacon.  In this goofy cartoon voice he says "here you are" that sounds more like one word "heeeyaaaaheeeeyaaaah" in a way that we don't know exactly who he's poking fun at, but hey! Free bacon! 

- I know many people who are teachers, and right now each one wants to bang their head against a wall.  My brother, included.  His response is the only one I hear that makes the most sense. It involves several variations on the word "fuck". 

- I'm walking with a friend through Valley Forge Park.  On our way we pass 6 awesome dogs, a woman who graduated high school 3 years ahead of us with a baby carriage, and a man wandering alone through the trails in the woods, but for his bagpipes, which he is playing alternately on and off key.  My friend wonders aloud, 'are there any re-enactments today?'.  This is somehow normal. 

- I return to Pennsylvania my 17-year-old self, only now with money.  On my first excursion out of the house, i have lunch at the diner with Cameron.  Only now, as a salaried woman of the world, it is followed by 2 hours of vigorous shoe shopping.