Thursday, March 30, 2006

Embracing my inner gladiator


I talked to Tim Gunn.

Rather, Tim Gunn let me ask him a question.

sort of.

Tim Gunn answered my question on the Washington Post chat today. He was talking about spring styles, and I had submitted a question about my lovely new shoes. These are "the-sandals-of-toe-doom-which-rendered-me-a-cripple-for-two-weeks-because-the-blisters-were-so-bad" shoes.

Aren't they cute? So very now. so very $14.99.

The first time I wore them my feet were bleeding so wretchedly that other pedestrians sort of sidled away from me at the crosswalk and probably went home to tell their friends and neighbors about the bloody girl in payless shoes who was silly enough to try and walk in them!


(me) Washington, D.C.: Hi Tim! I join the ranks of women who gush about how fabulous you are. We speak the truth! My question for you is: I bought a pair of bronze gladiator style sandals for the spring, but am unsure what would be a good match for a complete ensemble since I feel like I am in roman high-tops. Thanks so much.

Tim Gunn: Let's be blunt about this: gladiator sandals are just that. And I'm confident that you bought them for that very reason. Think 50's and embrace that style -- a pair of black cropped pants, for example, with a crisp white top. Or try a circle skirt. Don't force the sandles to compete with the rest of your ensemble. Embrace your inner gladiator, just don't carry a trident!

My friend at work called me to be like "YOUR QUESTION IS UP" and I freaked out! I was so excited! His answer was adorable, and I agree with him completely! Now I feel like I can't "just carry the trident", i have to be fashionable-er!

I'm sure people read it and were like "um.... gladiator style sandals? give me a break". But who the balls cares?

Not me! Tim Gunn hath spoken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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