Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Get on the boat

I'm late on the cool-things-on-the-internets boat a lot. Like blogging, the "Numa Numa!" guy and Skype. But one thing that I'm better late than never on is Pandora. I am enjoying it SO MUCH. It's a great way to discover new music, and to figure out WHY you like certain songs, and let me tell you-- makes the day fly by. And who doesn't like the Roman voting?

The problem with it is that you can train it. The more thumbs up, that's more of the type of music it will play. The more thumbs down, and you'll never again speak of Cher popping up on your playlist.

For a radio station which knows I like KT Tunstall, Low, The Cure, Zero 7 and the Killers, it's recommending a lot of:

The Human League
Kylie Minogue
Bryan Adams

And I can't really tell what that says about me. Except that I mind the Kylie Minogue the LEAST. Ok, don't really mind it at all. Ok, got really excited when Kula Shaker transitioned into "Come into my World." And by really excited, I mean chair-danced. VIGOROUSLY.

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