Wednesday, February 22, 2006

something small

can make big changes:

i was in a funk this morning, but then i did what every girl does when they're a little down. buy make-up!

i bought this:

image courtesy of Revlon

As far as drugstore make up goes, this stuff is pretty good. the cream shadow doesn't sink into creases like some cheaper ones do, and it lasts all day! Plus, the colors here are neutral minerals, shimmery, and perfect for looking SOOOOO GOOOOOD! So, happily, so i can start over tomorrow to achieve extra-hottness for impending haircut.

Which is a plus, because

a) you always have to look super hott when you get your haircut, so that the stylist understands how stylish you are and gives you a suitably stylish haircut


b) you know it's a lacking-in-hottness-day when you get up and you realize that your fishnets (nude ones for the office, thankyouverymuch) have cut into the backs of your legs, not due to tightness (i swear!), but due to lack of getting up for about 5 hours.

the extra criss-crossing? not super attractive and surprisingly ouchy. i'm SERIOUS.

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