Sunday, November 05, 2006

Lazy bones.

I am sitting at home with a pot of mac 'n' cheese balanced on my knee, enjoying the fruits of my cable bill.

This is one of my simple pleasures. Awful Kraft mac n cheese and watching equally cheesy TV. it's the cheese afternoon, brought to you by Viacom and Kraft.

I had seen some good stuff today. I saw many Mtv True life shows: "I'm a Jersey Shore girl", "I'm getting married", and right now I'm watching "I'm Obese".

I could eat the mac 'n' cheese through the first two.

The third made me put down my fork of processed, powdered cheese sauce covered white pasta and think about doing some yoga.


Actually, that's a lie. the "I'm a Jersey Shore Girl" made me gag a little too. I can say it. I was a Jersey Shore Girl. But I digress.

The woman on this show is breaking my heart. She used to weigh 615 and she can't do anything for herself. She doesn't seem to have any friends, and her legs look like tree stumps of thick oak trees.

I am immediately guilty for not having joined a gym yet, and go make some asparagus. Mmmm, asparagus.

After my asparagus, I realize that I just did exactly what Mtv wanted me to do. I was affected by its programming and changed my behavior.

That's crazy. I'm 24 years old, it's a.) a wee bit embarrassing that I still watch Mtv with the regularity that I do and b.) that it's old tricks still work.


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