Saturday, October 28, 2006

This post is brought to you by t-mobile

I'm stealing from a real live famous blogger, Que Sera Sera. I am SHAMEFULLY stealing her ideas because, hey-- they are good ones and it's Saturday and I am lazy. There is Disc 5 and 6 of Season 1 of Veronica Mars, Halloween costume detailing, house cleaning and run-taking to do. Oh, and then copious amounts of fun to be had!

So, I'll just give you a list.

Here, are some text messages that I find in my cell phone this very minute:

Whoops. Out of hair dye. See you at the party.

Is it wrong of me to love Forever 21?

Je suis arrive. and stuff.

1. Shake excess water from hands.
2. Push button and release.
3. Rub hands briskly under hot air.
4. Dryer stops automatically.

Eh. you don't think about it until you need one. Then you REALLY need one.

Awake and upright. Surprise! Still interested in dumplings?

Brock lifted my dress up. Hate him a bit. it's ok, he's pretty!

OMG [redacted] is at this party. Lying profusely. Yay!

I have no idea what that means. I can only presume you are drunk.

OMG you must make that soup. It is like a cheeseburger dressed in cream clothing!

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