Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Today was one of those days...

... and totally in a good way.

There was bounce in my step. If my hair were long enough, it would have swung rhythmically with my stride. I could faintly hear the theme song to "Stayin' Alive" as the soundtrack to my strut.

I thought at first it was my renewed interest in actually burning some calories post-holiday since I am still carrying around the 8 pieces of poundcake I ate while I was home, but I decided perhaps no.

Or maybe, I thought, it was the shoes.

New shoes! I bought four pairs when I was at home for Thanksgiving. Three of those pairs of shoes were necessary for work-appropriate fashion that didn't involve me still wearing business casual from the ankles up, and slip-on sneakers with skulls on them from the ankles down like my look circa October.

Three purchases were necessary, and I've worn already. One sensible, two mildly sensible (sort of--
flat is sensible. And metallics are the modern neutral, right?).

But then.

There was the impulse buy. A steal, no less, at a crazy sale price that made my knees weaken.

I bought grapey suede wedge heels. With a twee bow on the heel in matching grosgrain ribbon.

So wondrous, these shoes be, not one but TWO very nice ladies stopped me on the street to say so.

It made me wag my foot at all my female friends (and some poor, unprepared males too) and say "See? Don't you see?".

If you could package that, just about any lady would ask for a box of "excuse me, but where did you get THOSE SHOES?!" for Christma-Kwanza-kkuh.

Or for "Wednesday". Whichever.

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