Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Of day dreams and playlists

In college, the student paper would occasionally stop people on the street and ask them what music they were listening to. This would then be published for all to judge according to how cool the music was and also how attractive they appeared in their photos with the kicky blurb below.

I would always secretly pretend that I would get stopped and I would have something SUPER COOL on my CD player to share with them and would totally be that alluring co-ed in the paper who had this "come-hither, I'm emo" look while still sounding knowledgeable about music. Everyone would nod their heads in agreement at my caption and photo, and I would be stopped on the street and thanked for being an ambassador of good taste.

Today that memory flooded back to me as I was walking through old stomping grounds and I laughed out loud at how sudden the memory was of my yearning for an ipod but having no funds and still believed in the mission of a good mix CD (which I still do-- but itunes playlists also work).

I laughed out loud AGAIN when I reached my house. Had any student paper writers cornered me on my playlist du jour, they would have laughed their butts off. These were by choice, not even shuffle could have made this up.

Today's walk home:

a. Ted Leo-- Timorous Me (3x in a row)

b. Tears for Fears-- Mad World
c. Tears for Fears--Head over Heels

d. Roxette -- The Look

e. PJ Harvey -- Big Exit

f. Pink -- God is a DJ

g. Edwin Collins -- Girl like you.

So what could you deduce about me from this, in the paper?

1.) I really don't understand it's 2006, but rather FIRMLY believe that it's 1997. (b, c, d, e, g)

2.) I am a total fake-out when it comes to being a hipster. Note the PJ Harvey album that 12 year old girls like and a Ted Leo song that EVERYONE knows. (a, e)

3.) Yes, I do own Mean Girls. (f)

4.) I totally wish I owned all of the My-So-Called-Life DVD's. (g)

5.) My I-pod is probably pink. (a, e, f)

6.) I am one of those people who cannot let a certain song go and sort of make it a mantra that like, 5,000 other people share and I am SO not a significant little snowflake (a)

7.) I may or may not, be in fact, a British gay man. (b,c,d,e,f,g)

Catchy tunes with profoundly depressing lyrics have always been my downfall. Also I am totally not ashamed to own the Tears for Fears Greatest Hits. They totally rocked. In that "this band was brought to you by Casio" kind of way.

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dan said...

I can't believe you didn't list one Killers song, The Killers are the greatest band ever.