Friday, April 21, 2006

The numbers on today

Number of women in obscene dark stretch denim cat-suit-type-things that were offensively tight and involved a jacket or shirt attached to a long skirt that made me gasp a little with their heinousness (not the ladies, but the get-ups): 3 (!!!!!)

Number of times I sighed deeply wishing for a new job: 17

Number of times I played web boggle and scored below 20: 5

Number of times I played web boggle and scored below 40: 11

Web boggle high score: 48

How many times I wished for a nap: 3

How many times I actually said slightly audibly "Damn I need a new job": 2

Number of times I closed my eyes and sighed with glee about how good my sandwich was: 2

Number of times I wished for more potato chips: 1

Number of times I tried to articulate in blog entry how weird today was and then scrapped it because I sounded like a whinny loser: 3

Number of times I was like "hmmm... blogs aren't just for complaining, you know": 2

Number of minutes I spent praying to the gods of the interviews that the interview place I went on would finally call me back. You said you would, place, and I know you take a long time BUT COME ON: 17

How long I spent online window shopping: 1.5 hours

What my time sheet will reflect: database clean up and donor research

Number of new blogs I started reading today: 3

How many times I wished to have Mischa Barton's new puppy as my own: 19,000

How many minutes spent trying new experiment of making tea in my nalgene and then putting it in the freezer and in 3 hours I have iced tea that is thick and delicious: 21 (here and there over the 3 hours)

How many tea bags that takes: 2

How many times I had to not think about cheese because I OD'ed on it last night at Banana Cafe: 6

How many references to my upcoming birthday did I make today: 9 (shameless!)

Number of engagements to which I am going tonight: 2

Number of beers I intend to consume: 5 - 7

Number of slices of pizza I wish for dinner: 1 (beers count as food tonight a little)

Probability that the Nat's game will be rained out tomorrow: 99%

How sad that makes me on a scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being the highest: 8

How many people I read about on the internet that quit their jobs today and made me salivate with envy: 3

Web boggle score for the word salivate: 7

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