Monday, January 30, 2006

i've got spex appeal

i've got spex appeal
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New glasses for me. Freaking finally. only months of glaring at the TV frustrated because when a girl can't discern food network from bravo there is a huge problem. When i am expecting Clinton Kelly, don't give me Giada BigFace.

I went to Hour Eyes. Long boring story involving my face being shoved into various machines with no explanation, a lovely eyedoctor whose last name made me giggle a little bit, and then the waiting for the waiting in the waiting room and then some waiting and then OH MAYBE MONDAY YOU CAN HAVE THEM.

So monday rolls around and after 25 minutes someone approached me in the "i'm clearly waiting for you to hand me my glasses to make sure they don't look off" corral that they had me in by the glasses lab. give me a break.

NEVER GO TO HOUR EYES ON 17th and K, NW. waste of your time, friends. the employees don't know what they're doing, and could care less about Ms. Squinty McSquintsalot and her headaches from being in love with the internets.

oh but they are MAUVE!!!!!!!! matches the blog, see? stylistic choice.

see that? right there? REALLY wanted to end it in (bitches) but i refrained. grown ups with mauve glasses do no such thing.

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