Wednesday, June 20, 2007


My alley is swarming with fire fighters. I think it's the building the PIRG is in? I walk by it every day, but I couldn't tell you now. I saw the firefighters walking around on the second floor. The building is narrow and non-descript, between the WSC on Dst, SE and the American Legion Hall.

Searchlights. Hose. No visible smoke. Lots of yelling. Men in the bottom halves of their suspended fire suits in their DCFD t-shirts all up in the tunnelled alley.

I am that kooky lady peering at these poor people through my blinds.

How on EARTH are people sleeping through this? How can you not watch?

I feel like I'm the only neighbor awake through the noise.

They see me peeking through the blinds and you can tell they wish I wouldn't.

So... internet. Got any answers?


Freewheel said...

Someone at PIRG forgot to turn off their coffeemaker.

katastrophe said...

that's the best.

kate.d. said...

ok, this is like a month after the fact and going to seem SO freaking weird, but i was peeking through my blinds wondering what the hell was going on over there that night too! we must live kinda ridiculously close to each other.

and we don't know each other. never would. except i clicked over here from DC blogs and read this.


and i still don't know what happened over there.

(ps - sorry about the laid off thing. that really blows.)