Saturday, May 26, 2007

Shopping list.

To Do list
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I was sitting in Farragut West waiting for a train on Thursday and when i stood up from the low, stone bench this was stuck to my ass.

Someone else's shopping list.

I looked at it and smirked a little.

Hat. Midol. Bug Spray. Claritin D 24h 20 count. Comb.

I know exactly whose this is.

Sounds like this person was going to have a KICK-ASS time at the beach.

SHE (thanks midol) probably will be allergic to everything in sight, and will spray herself with bug spray religiously because bugs only seem to like her and ignore everyone else. She'll be crampy so will exclaim about how she'd LOVE to go swimming, but simply can't because it's "that time of the month" every few hours. She'll have sunblock on her nose that's blue and will have perfectly combed hair which will be mussed under a huge hat under a huge umbrella.

Worst memorial day mini vacation list ever.

I'm going to the beach in July like a big kid for a week.

my list includes:

get skinnier, pronto.
bathing suit.
7 sundresses.
a few trashy books.
deck of cards.

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Freewheel said...

booze + sunscreen always = a fun time