Friday, March 30, 2007

Helloo "travelling for work"

I was away! For work! Work paid for me to eat awesome food!

Something about being alone in a strange city with no real ambition to go out in the morning and explore was at first luxurious and too quiet. Staying in a hotel room yourself when other people are occupied only has certain charms. I resorted to an old standby: hours and hours of TLC’s What Not to Wear, which always is a good thing. I could have gone to museums and strolled around, but I let laziness take the hold in a sea of soft sheets, cheez-it crumbs and the occasional tissue.

After the first day, things were a bit better. Exploring and the like, when I had time in between conference -type joys. I’ve never stayed in a hotel by myself before, and it’s weird to have your clothes in drawers and not feel “aahhh I’m home” when you let yourself in. Just more of a “aaahhh… I just might take my 5th free piping hot shower of the day”, which is its own joy to be sure.

People have different ways of functioning in hotels. Some people, like me shower. Some people actually do some work or go to the hotel gym. Some people relish the time alone. Right then was sort of one of those times that I didn’t want to be alone. I am sort of bad at being alone, unless it’s on my terms. It was a strange place with a marble desk wasn't my terms. There’s no Food Network there, you see.

As I got busier with my conference, it was WAY more fun. I had two beds. One was my "living room" and the other my "bedroom". I took joy in resisting the mini bar and $5 potato chips that loomed large before me in my hungriest hour, even. I didn't do a thing, except flood the bathroom and eat one gi-normous meal a day after a long day of "learning". What can I say? Foreign shower curtains and I aren't really friends-- it's not like my OWN shower curtain isn't a co-dependent whiner stuck on the right side of my body.

Also the interwebs were like, 500 dollars a minute, which is why I am back-posting. I don’t have $500, and if I did it would certainly be spent on shoes.

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